Thursday, March 17, 2011

Condolence to victims in Japan and....moving on

First, as a Japanese who grew up and lived in the home land for 35 years, I don't have any other words but condolence for the victims in Japan on the 11th of March. They're still making desperate fights around the clock to rescue survivors and against growing threat of nuclear reactor melt-down. Everybody in Japan must be holding their breath anxiously. My family members in Japan were all ok only because they don't live and work near the hard hit areas. Very heartbreaking images and videos are on TV everyday after the event. Even people on the opposite side of the ocean have to get over the experiences we never experienced before. Lives would never be the same regardless where you live, or directly hit or not.

 Then, I have to move on. I have to.

This disaster re-reminded me how strong the nature is and how vulnerable human being is in front of it.  I really want to go back into nature and paint, and paint, and paint....Since last weekend, I started making another wet canvas carrier. Because the current one (top left  corner of the photo below) is specifically designed to hold only one 12"x16" canvas. After the last Jim Lamb's workshop, I decided I want to go to smaller canvas for en plein air. Maybe 11"x14" or 10"x13". My plan is to make another carrier for two of those sizes, which fits in the top box of my Moto Guzzi, Nevada. So that I can start painting again in April. It might take a couple of more weeks.

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