Sunday, October 18, 2009

Further Modification

On 10/10 I posted a photo of the first revision of the stretched canvas holder for the top box of my motorcycle. But it turned out that I couldn't close the box when I put both the holder and the field easel in. So, I needed to cut one third of it to lower the height as you can see in this photo. Now it can hold only one canvas.
In addition to this modification, I went to art supply shopping today to Utrecht and Daniel Smith for the coming workshop by Michele Usibelli ( at the end of the month. I went through the material list last night and placed an order on-line for the items I can't get at any local shops. As an artist in Russian Impressionist style, her selection of paints is quite expensive. I made a compromise not to strictly follow the list. For most of the colors in the list, I would never use again after the workshop anyway. I'll stretch smaller canvas in 9"x12" and "11"x14" with stretcher bars I bought at Utrecht. I've never tried these small sizes, except for the tiny boards I tried in Machel Maxi's workshot at Pratt.

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